We agree that the 13 statements of the CRM Manifesto are a declaration of the fundamental truths about Customer Relationship Management that can be used to help inform and remind those on a CRM journey about what they are seeking to achieve.

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  1. Yes – I agree.

    This manifesto is unlikely to work just by wishing. Organisations need to embrace it, and to do that they need to understand it. The understanding of this manifesto as related to the a particular, selected technology, requires education.

    I also endorse using the chosen technology to the nth degree before customising. This will give a better result now and undoubtedly when upgrades come along. To do this effectively requires education across the organsation – as does the CRM manifesto.


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  2. I have a dream that the companies I support will one day operate from the basis of knowing their customer in a nation where they will not be judged by how much they paid for their CRM software but by the content of their customer database and access to it.

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  3. Great idea. Really highlights the importance of keeping a CRM project focused on the customer experience rather than the technology. We all know many CRM projects fail to meet expectations, if more people focused on the process and outcomes rather than the tech the success rates would be much higher! Use this manifesto, it makes sense. Thanks Simon.

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  4. Certainly I agree. Clear and objective points.

    If I could reduce CRM in one word, it would be STRATEGY. Nowadays in most companies, it seems CRM is understood only as an IT tool or sort of thing. It seems CRM projects are planned as 90% IT and 10% strategy and change management, instead it should be exactly inverse.

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  5. Absolutely agree. You cannot buy CRM – it must be implemented in the organization i.e. CRM is a philosophy, that is strategically anchored, expressed by the culture, supported through processes and measurements, and may be supported by IT tools like a CRM system.

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  6. This formalises what I have been saying to my customers for a long time. CRM software is indeed an enabler but without the correct process, mindset and protocol it will have limited success. We often encounter lacklustre implementations where we revisit goals and reinterare items from this manifesto.

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